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A variety of high-end services.

Product & Interaction Design

My design specialty is to drive engagement through playful, aesthetically pleasing, and persuasive approaches. Whether it's apps, objects, public installations, or experiences—I play various roles in the research, design, and development process.

UX Research

I empathize deeply with users, understanding their behaviors, needs, and motivations to create compelling and intuitive experiences. By engaging in a variety of research methodologies, I build custom trajectories that align and enhance your project goals, ensuring results that truly resonate with users.

Workshop Facilitation &

With my alchemist-grade knack for blending social and aesthetic ingredients, I promise workshops that go beyond conventional. In our sessions on design thinking, futuring, co-construction, and co-design, we forego typical tools like post-its in favor of methods that truly spark innovation and collaboration.

Prototyping & Tinkering

I am fluid in digital manufacturing and electronics, with a strong focus on rapid prototyping and fast iterations. Eager to organize or co-host hackathons and hands-on prototyping workshops, I'm committed to transforming ideas into tangible results quickly.

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