About Toyfoo

toyfoo: The Creative Studio of Thomas Laureyssens, PhD in Interaction Design.

With over 15 years of experience in design research and interaction design, I approach each day with the curiosity and enthusiasm of my first. Available for both short and long-term assignments, I can seamlessly integrate into your team or assemble a tailored team from my professional network. I am committed to continual learning and growth to deepen my understanding of what creates engaging and impactful experiences.

Thomas Laureyssens holds a PhD in Interaction Design from LUCA School of Arts (KU Leuven), where his research, titled 'The Appropriation of Interactive Interventions in Urban Social Contexts,' explored the community impact of design in public spaces. His professional practice spans app design, interactive media installations, urban participation games (check out his TEDxGhent talk), and innovative participatory and co-creation research methodologies. His early creative explorations included work as a techno-artist and VJ. Outside the studio, he is an enthusiastic non-professional coach, an avid rock climber, and an avid reader of speculative fiction.